Good News:

Selected for funding! Again!

New scholarships available in November 2011 with mobility start in the fall 2012.

The EU Budgetary Authority decided to grant additional funding to the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument (ENPI). Therefore a new project with Jordan and Syria has been selected for funding with additional 115 scholarships for Jordan, Syria and partner countries in Europe.

In addition to this project another project for Lebanon was selected for funding. This year together with Egypt. We will inform all Lebanese nationals of the new website link as soon as it has been published.

Free Online Education

A new website is under construction for Jordan and Syria and will be up and running around November 1st. The new website will be (JOrdan SYria Linking Europe and Erasmus Mundus)

The application period will hopefully begin on November 20th

Please be patient – all partners are working as fast as they can to have everything in place in November for the on-line application.

Erasmus Mundus Partnership JOSYLEEN:

Fully funded scholarships for students and university staff in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the EU!

EMP JOSYLEEN (Erasmus Mundus Partnership JOrdan SYria LEbanon Europe Network) is an institution-based scholarship programme organized by 20 prestigious universities in Europe, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The JOSYLEEN scholarships are awarded to students on undergraduate, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level and to university staff in academic or administrative positions. The programme is funded by the European Commission.